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10/21/16 12:43 PM
8/24/18 10:16 AM

Dance Policy

Early College High School strives to provide a positive social atmosphere at scheduled dances held on campus and off campus.  To promote an appropriate environment for students, both dress code regulations and student behavior guidelines are enforced.  Students are expected to follow school rules as outlined in the Student Handbook and Education Code.


Any student found entering a dance without a ticket will not be allowed to attend any school dance for the remainder of the school year.  Prom tickets must be purchased by the established deadline.

Dancing Guidelines

Students are expected to dance in a respectable manner.  Dancing that is inappropriate, overly sexual in nature, or creates unsafe conditions is not allowed.  School officials reserve the right to make decisions on suitable dancing and individuals who engage in the above-mentioned behaviors will be removed from the dance.

Dress Code

All dance attendees are expected to dress appropriately.  The school dress code policy is in effect at all school dances.  No revealing clothing may be worn including clothing with a plunging neck line and apparel which exposes the posterior or midriff.  Clothing must remain on during dances.  School administration reserves the right to make decisions on student dress based on appropriateness and good taste.  Students who are dressed inappropriately will be denied admittance and given the opportunity to return home and change or will be removed from the dance.  No refunds will be issued for students found in violation of the dress code policy.

Guests and Proper I.D.

Dances are held for the enjoyment of the Early College students.  Guests 21 years of age or older and 8th grade or younger are not permitted to attend the dance.  Current Early College I.D. is required to purchase dance tickets and must be presented at the door for admission to the dance.  Early College students must present a copy of their guest’s I.D. to purchase a guest ticket and obtain administrative approval to bring a guest.  Early College students are responsible for their guest’s behavior at school dances. 

Student Behavior

Early College staff and administration want students to experience a drug and alcohol-free dance.  Students will be subject to search upon entering a school dance.  No alcohol, drugs, or tobacco are allowed.  Possession, use or being under the influence of a controlled substance or alcoholic beverage while going to or coming from the dance or while attending the dance are a violation of the Newport-Mesa Unified School District Board Policy 5144.11.  Students observed during the course of the dance activities to be in possession of, using, selling, furnishing, or under the influence of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances will be removed from the dance and the parents will be contacted to come and pick up their student.  Also, students are not allowed to bring liquids or lighters to school dances.  School assigned personnel reserve the right to search limousines and party buses which transport students to a dance.  If any alcohol is found, no students on the limo/party bus will be admitted to the dance whether they knew about the presence of alcohol or not.  The limo/bus will be sent back to its place of origin and no ticket refunds will be given.  We appreciate parent assistance in prohibiting the consumption of alcohol by students prior to or following any school event.