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Sculpture by Claes Olderburg
Example of Surreal Collage Project
VanGogh s Starry Night
Colorful Abstract art by Gunther Gerzso

Mrs. Wurn

At ECHS, Art 1A/1B is designed as an introductory level art course for all students, no matter how much artistic experience you may or may not have.  The curriculum will focus on basics of studio art, which are called the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. Students in Art 1 will learn beginning and intermediate art skills and experiment with a variety of art media, such as: drawing and colored pencil, paint, oil and chalk pastels, ink, collage, and 3-D sculpture.  In addition to creating art projects, students will learn about art history and academic research paper writing, vocabulary, how to critique art, self-reflection, and how to problem solve creatively. 



          Class Sketchbooks:  Each student will be provided a sketchbook for art class.  We will be working in the sketchbook everyday writing notes, sketching and completing the daily Art Intro questions.  Each student will be responsible for keeping up with all sketchbook assignments and it will checked in every other Friday for a grade. 


          Projects/Assignments:  This is a project-based course, so all of the artwork you complete in here will be turned in for a big portion of your grade.  Yes, It’s true… there is rarely homework in this class!  All projects will be done in class where you will have enough time to complete them, however if you don’t, you must finish it on your own time. Translation– If you slack in class, you may give yourself homework.  Incomplete work will not be accepted for credit.


          Attendance and Participation:  Good attendance is the key to success in an art class! (Or EVERY class) Since you will be doing all of your work in class, you need to be here to get it done.  It’s simple - If you’re not here, you fall behind and your grade will go down.  Tardies and wasting time during class will affect your participation grade as well.  There should be no surprises here: Come to class everyday, be on time, do the work and you should do fine.



Teaching Assignment


Period 1: Conference

Period 2: AVID (12th Grade)

Period 3: AVID (12th Grade)

Period 4: Art

Period 5: Conference

Period 6: Art

Period 7: Yearbook

Period 8: Art

CItyScape Project example
The Mona Lisa by DaVinci
Abstract Painting
Student Shoe Drawing